Generate more tests than you could ever do in your lifetime

Let Automated Test Generator do all the hard work of analyzing your code, discovering bugs and creating a test suite covering all of your code, ensuring that your code remains of high quality over time.

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How it works

1. Configure Automated Test Generator
Specify which directories should be analyzed and which classes should have associated unit tests generated.
2. Generate unit tests
Automated Test Generator analyzes your code and produces a high-quality test suite.
3. Execute the generated test suite
Run PHPUnit like you would do on any other day.


Increase the quality of your code
  • Save yourself time by automatically generating hundreds of test cases
  • Increase the code coverage of your products
  • Discover bugs before they make it to your clients
Spend less time and money to get more QA
  • Reduce your costs related to code QA
  • Automatically generate test cases that will help you understand existing bugs
Let the machine do the work
  • Efficiently generate a test suite for existing software
  • Test cases are automatically updated as code changes
  • Select between statement and branch coverage
  • Hundred of test cases generated in under a minute
Use industry-proven testing tools and techniques
  • Automated mock generation (using Mockery)
  • Automated mock expectations
  • Control flow analysis
  • Comments generation to simplify test case writing
  • Minimal configuration

Plans and Pricing


  •  1 user
  •  1 year of updates
  •  Email and chat support


  •  2 to 10 users
  •  1 year of updates
  •  Email and chat support


  •  11 users and up
  •  1 year of updates
  •  Email, chat and phone support
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